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Lawttorneysquire. Future POTUS. Lover of living life. Producer/Composer. Texas born, @HowardU built. For forward progress.

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I think I'm copping this joint:

sounds like you're full of this, old friend:

Let's get that turkey, Bison!:

Least menacing gang name ever:

"I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pennie." #lpconnection

The same dish, so I told the waitress not to confuse our meals BC has SARS:

Lyfe Jennings says, "must be niiiiiiiice:"

must be niiiiiice:

Got em sounding like this cat: RT : "I'll gladly go on a date with you for a hamburger today" -fancy hobos

Word to . My lapel pins came in. Fresh:

Either, both, or neither?:

"Must be niiiiiice."

"Yes, i did!" RT : Surprised no one made any darkskin jokes about KG wearing a black jersey...


Traditional fit mens dress shirts will have you looking like this:

RT : Wayne Brady RT : on a scale from 1 to Clarence Thomas, how good is your interview voice?

What you know abt Shiner? Im drinking one right now too: RT : This Shiner Bock is EVERYTHING right now

I'm a novice. Here's what I came up with:

Y'all think I'm joking bout my pops being nuts: here's his headphones (w/ new ones in the back Smh):

If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite cartoons:

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