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Oh sweet lord, I just dropped my in shock/joy when I saw the piece. Also, he was in Creepshow?! *hunts for DVD*

may have just reached an all-time high with their piece on Stephen King/Under the Dome.

I decided to punch the answer out of my Twilight Zone Mystic Seer ...plus, it bobbles. #win

I'd punch my Twilight Zone Mystic Seer bobble-head 'cause it gives you mystic yes or no answers ...and it bobbles.

Holy crow, are cool. Want a balloon? They all float down here...

and are beautiful, beautiful people....

'Britons! Your country needs you to do dumb things!' Reading a BookWorld and a DiscWorld in the same day. #spoiled

We love !!!! doesn't have her phone on her but would like to cancel her request for Under the Dome as you preempted her. :) Thanks so much guys!

Muscles and bones and junk... I'm not going to get to sleep tonight, am I?

That's right, when you're bored ...draw skulls staring at you?

You saw it here first folks. This is what Creationists consider an informative pamphlet. Yes, it was in Pop Sci...

'The beginning. Of what, we don't want to imagine.'

Thanks to for my beautiful '89 edition. 'The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.'

Now this is a real lady charmer... #muchadoaboutnothing

I may own the most shiny car sticker of all time...

Hi guys, this is the only way my phone will let me get an image to you (from ). Hope this is okay?

Some of my science junk that somebody decided to keep from my primary years. Probably me.

I respond with a project that I had no memory of till I tidied my room. I particularly like the cell screaming 'Aaaah Germs!' Foot in bottom right corner included for scale.

Look what lovely managed to get me! #Squee

Here's my attempt to make myself feel better.

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