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Ps mtaani

Lol QT : I know :) hujanotice nimekupee mpaka Dec next year? Nway, going back to sleep now, hii mvua imenientice..nitty night love

QT : switi leo itakuwa aje ☺

QT : ( ._.) RT : ts alwys amazin hunie.aki c weh ni mtamu.waaah!

Hehe QT : It is official.i got no fare to nairobi...nimelewa doh yote

Me in a Jumbotron

QT : Sext: would you like to come inside?

QT : Leave me alone RT : Seriously, why Have two Nosering piercings...?

QT : Oh! Not you": That's my silent name QT : A dude who is determined is a turn on!!! #major"

QT : sawa utaniambia...unaweza kuja dinner pia....lakini beba chocolates

QT : Fun times with my booo ♥♥ ♥♥♥

QT : Pahahaa : Ay 3am TL ladies.... Heat is too much..... Birthday suit and cuddling... Any takers?

Badum Ts.....


QT : hey boo! ": Hi Drunkard"

Daft driver, loving shortcuts and got stuck, now the rail is blocked

QT : This back pain has graduated and is now doing its masters...waah!

QT : ": umeniita attention whore and u on that attention whore list!!!"

QT : Awesome, kind sir. What of you? RT : Hey Miss Shaban how you been?

QT : abramovich will suck mancini tomorrow