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Haha same RT : Someone needs to email me man. My inbox has been on 666 for 24hours.

My inbox is evil

Hahahahahaha.. sufuri

Mombasa road.. not Moving cc

RT : Mwili kama Irish potato


uko na typo msee

She was getting them jabs while giving in equal measure... I abhor domestic violence but this was out of hand for me

Live pics from the depth of the ghetto.. She bad ass though

Rottweiler ya ajab....

RT : mimi kama mbusih husema maturity ipelekwe linkedin.


Woah, all these people waiting to beat up said pastor

Haha Kermit though

Haha, she white bruh

Y'all art lovers, follow on IG..... Hosted by the talented Matumbo hating

These two haha

RT : How did you react when scored? Something like this? #GunningForTheCup