Jas Singh


I am an Indo-Scot who kinda wishes he was Canadian. I drink copious cups of tea. Music is everything!

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Can't wait for the Manchester road trip for !!! With &Vix!

Hey look I found your van this morning !

how can you say she's a grump? She says you're a meany!

Here's my best friend on his first trip to a Gurdwara #GurdwaraMemories (don't think he will approve!) lol

My bananas are green! I need TEA!!!! #fuckyoumonday

This is the kinda weirdos that favourite my tweets! I blame you

I do the same! lol

I do love coming home to parcels like this! #goodies

Eat cheese and you’ll sleep better! It doesn’t work if you burn all the cheese on your pizza though!

My second attempt at pizza seems to have gone better than my first. No distractions = tasty pizza! #happysingh

Got distracted and burnt my pizza! :( #sadsingh

This is pretty amazing! #herschel #onthisday

Tea really is the best thing for you! #hmmtea

haha I’m just checking, not made of money you know lol. Ok here you go.

your plan to have it snow has been foiled! Ha!

it’s snowing here! What did you do?! lol

Is this real or a Fanta sea?!

Why is this person following me?! I don’t even like #onedirection #oned or what ever they’re called!

Aww poor #bieber fans! lol

Is this really a surprise?!