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Aren't you that YouTube Guy? yeah, probably. I'm a big dork. I make videos and stuff. Blah blah blah.

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The line at the Telstra store immediately across the road from apple is... Less

I'm cool as fuck

I'm in a stolen cop car, under water, in the fucking ocean, at midnight, a police helicopter above me.

No context.

My "Baka Gaijin" Ramune success rate is still 100% ^_^ #SmallJoys

Beer at #TheDigitalShow 'a #GoPro booth ^__^

Today's "Mother" count stands at 3 so far. I THIRST FOR POWER!!!!

Weird. Someone jammed a pair of massive crayons right into the ground. Kooky.

I just wanna hang out, NO BIG DEEEAAAL!!!


now, love notes... From JEEBUS!.
Man back in my day trolling was WAY cleverer than this. biblesouche new to the net?

AAAHAHAHAHHAAAA I trolled the dude SO HARD he actually blocked my email at the server level!

Dude is seriously mental.

Lookit the funny little bitch ^_^

<Obligatory over processed airport #iPhoneography because I've got nothing to do but wait & fuck around in snapseed>

I'm at an #olympus event. Guess why ;)

here's mine:

At a #Wacom press event to find out all about their nifty new #Cintiq tablets.

Testing with the #BMPCC continues...

Today's batch of #BMPCC tests include internal V's Atomos Ninja 2 recording... Should prove interesting :)