Yea, I'm just some random kid who randomly draws. That's pretty much it.

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Been dead for a while, but... This is Terrak, leader of the Lurkers and Umbra. both characters by

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any thoughts so far? My 2nd attempt at digital art, should I keep going? PS the reason i mention you is bc i have unofficially made you my digital art hero.

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REUPLOAD BC the other pic was too small. My entry to pop culture contest, a mix of DF Ch 1 and Fate/Zero. Not sure if the original is know well enough to be pop culture, but anyways...

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RAWR! My pop culture reference. A mix of DF CH 1 and Fate/Zero.

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This is my main avatar Kuroshinzo. If you'll accept, I'll be one of your followers. I have sacrifice :)

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It's been a while since my last upload. It's a killer, a man who i view as the avatar of my madness, Kuroshinzo!

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Rawr drawing 's paragon. , this is my "great" return xD

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did have the balls to upload a photos of himself...

WINNER! I killed nulgath.I was support/surviver.

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First attept at digital art. Yaarrrghhh. I do color themed drawings now. Next shall be orange.

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doodlez gonna try and diggital-ize this one.

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Farmer of Nulgath <-fixed

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Farmer of Nulgath, bc i wanted to make something that wields scythes.

Bad color choice...That's what I get for asking my brother to yell random colors at me T_T what color would you have made this?

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first try using tablet. meh. , thoughts?

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I drew Xan!!! (on the inside cover of a practice SAT booklet xD)

Go team Nulgath. I drew milt bc he was easier to draw... #nulgathnation

Smile, or DIE. Smile police is here.

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it's complete, my first painting ever!