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This is a fucking good idea.

Also, found badges from the "before times"... :X

Found the adorable xmas card sent me! More people should send cards, I felt so happy opening this. :)

Look at these chips.

Holy shit. #toosoon

Well, my day is ruined.

OK so apparently it's not just vore it's ALSO gender bent.

Seems legit! Thanks, The Canadian. I'll take my money straightaway!

Spam mail.

I fixed it

Yup. #fruitbowl

She is a submarine.

Guys. Check out this adorable fenn made me!!!

Got my shirt in the post today! Where's yours?

Got my patch from in the mail today! It's waaaaay bigger than I expected! Wicked awesome. :>

Me right now. #thesleepiest (by !)