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I want to be the best. That's what drives me.

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with Will Ebner (Hell Boy), and

Trying to climb the monkey bars at the park but I think I'm too tall...dangit

Cooked some filets and a strip steak, grilled some asparagus and sweet potatos for Ty, drew and I

Making some turkey burgers and asparagus on the stove tonight, looks pretty tastey!!

Grilled steaks, asparagus and made some shells with cheese. Traditional Friday dinner!! So good!!

Making some nice tuna steaks on the stove...too cold to grill.

good observation for it being the best temperature

Tired....but made a great breakfast

Made some phenomenal beef stew today for dinner

Sitting here with new english bulldog puppy, Kobe.

Goin snowboarding with little Bertrum, Ty and drew

At my little bro brett's soccer game with Tyler, , and my dad

Just took a team picture in reliant. Huge game tomorrow on espn vs. Navy.


Out on reliant field with

Rodeo time with the team

Long, boring drive in the pouring rain

and I are at the magic tree!! It's pretty sweeetttt!!!

Hangin out in bass pro with , carl robert and Wilbur.

At some extra credit thing for meteorology with in the conservation building.