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Hurr. :B

  • 1650 days ago via site
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Some art I made on Flash. :D
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to keep it realistic while staying somewhat simple. What do you think? :)

  • 1650 days ago via site
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Meet Slimy. :D
Less than 2 hours of work, so I'm happy. :)
What do you think?
Again thanks to for the awesome template.

  • 1652 days ago via site
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New HeroSmash armor. :D
I actually like this more than any of my AQW armors. :P
What do you think?

  • 1653 days ago via site
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I give you the Brute Warrior. :D
I'd say my most detailed armor. What do you think?

  • 1659 days ago via site
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Sneaky peeky. :D

  • 1664 days ago via site
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Work in progress of my latest armor I'm working on. :D
So far I only have the helm done but I thought I'd get your guys opinion about it so far. :)

  • 1666 days ago via site
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This is the labor of 5 minutes on Photoshop.

  • 1668 days ago via site
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Here's a little sketch of a alien I made last night. Not to be confused with Alien which is way creepier. :B

  • 1669 days ago via site
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On Melee, just you know, PLAYING AS MASTER HAND. Yah, no cheats, no hacks. All legit. like a boss! >:D

  • 1679 days ago via site
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So this is my art piece I submitted to the Habitat for Humanity charity event. You had to find the items to make it, nothing store bought new. :)
I cut up a bunch of wallpaper samples in the shape of dragon pieces, for the background I also took wallpaper samples. The frame was made out of a cabinet door. I spent a pretty good amount of time on this project. Big thanks to my Dad who helped me with some of the cutting. And something cool, it got first place in the youth division! :D
Feels good to help out with charity. ^^

  • 1682 days ago via site
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New armor I just finished. :D
First one I made in awhile. So waddya think?

  • 1683 days ago via site
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Step one of a small project I'm doing. Done entirely in pen, so no erasing. :P
Waddya think so far?

  • 1691 days ago via site
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Worked a bit on some line art for an upcoming armor I'm making. :)
Heh, I'm a bit rusty so it took longer than I thought it would. But what do you think so for? :)

  • 1693 days ago via site
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I started working on a ancient jingle temple. >:D
Also, the teeth open and close, (That was hard to wire. :P)
Waddya think?

  • 1696 days ago via site
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So I started designing a new armor for AQW. :)
It's just a sketch (Did it in about 15 minutes) and I wasn't using a template or a guide. So the body is obviously wrong. :P (Especially that right arm. >:o) But what do you think of the design?

  • 1697 days ago via site
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Spider-Jockey! :O

  • 1698 days ago via site
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Made it bigger
Best I can do. :d

  • 1700 days ago via site
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New painting/drawing I made. :D

Inspired by and made in part for :)

Tell me what you think please! Took me I'd say 2 hours, I ran into a small resolution problem (Which is why it's a bit fuzzy) but was fun to make. :)

  • 1700 days ago via site
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Ok, last one for the night.

  • 1702 days ago via site
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