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My second promo for the current evil war in AQW.

Who do you choose to fight for, or ?

Choose wisely.

  • 644 days ago via site
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Who do you fight for? or !?

Promo I made in Flash for the ongoing war in Adventure Quest Worlds. :D

  • 644 days ago via site
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Well, everyone was making their own versions of Xan, thought I would too. :D
Really more of a sketch than a finished drawing.

  • 663 days ago via site
  • 72

I told you I would make Artix and Spider-man team up to fight Sepulchure and the Green Goblin. :D
Well, that was a fun 15 minutes. :P

  • 685 days ago via site
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Just a doodle I made. +2 Bladebrawl points if you can tell me what's happening. :P

  • 685 days ago via site
  • 101

Heh heh, no. :D

(This is a joke obviously)

  • 686 days ago via site
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Here's the wolf pet/enemy for the upcoming MMO Arcleu Adventure. :)
Please, tell me your thoughts!

  • 686 days ago via site
  • 215

My progress so far on the wolf for Arcleu. Before I continue what do you think?

  • 687 days ago via site
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Look what I got in the mail today. :D Man these things are cool. Now I'm gonna make Artix team up with Spider-man and fight Sepulchure and the Green Goblin! :B

  • 688 days ago via site
  • 34

The heck!? It merged our houses!!! D:

  • 690 days ago via site
  • 55

What do you think of this as the wolf for Arcleu?

  • 694 days ago via site
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Here is a test armor for Arcleu. :D

Also, I don't officially work for Arcleu guys, this is just a test and gift for the game. :D (As of now. ;P)

  • 697 days ago via site
  • 139

Just a drawing I did of a zombie. Not nearly perfect, proportion's are off. But this is just for practice.

  • 699 days ago via site
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"Who Needs Light Magic?"
This is my artwork contributed to and Doomwood. :D
Probably took me 5 hours? Well I'm happy with the end result. :) The Artix i this based off of the AQW Artix but with a darker and more realistic tone. ^^
And here is the original sketch I based it off of.

Please tell me what you think, and an RT is appreciated!

  • 700 days ago via site
  • 238

Here, a quick sketch for a design for a energy eating monster. :D

  • 711 days ago via site
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Step one of a little project I'm working on. :D
Done with just an average mechanical pencil. :)

  • 722 days ago via site
  • 68

Heh heh heh. :D

  • 728 days ago via site
  • 32

Hurr. :B

  • 728 days ago via site
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Some art I made on Flash. :D
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to keep it realistic while staying somewhat simple. What do you think? :)

  • 728 days ago via site
  • 76

Meet Slimy. :D
Less than 2 hours of work, so I'm happy. :)
What do you think?
Again thanks to for the awesome template.

  • 730 days ago via site
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