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Something I was working on last night. Will do more today. What do you think?

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Work In Progress of Isaac in AQW style. Haven't done one of these in awhile have I?

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Haven't drawn Spider-man in awhile, so why not? Done in size 01 pen.

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Just doodlin'
Waddya think?

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Design I made for for the PDS for fun. :D (And maybe to submit)
Waddya think ?

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Drawing of Morgan Freeman I made in Flash.

Yeah I cheated with a picture, but still. :P
New style I was trying, tell me what you think!

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A screenshot for what I'm working on in Unleashed. I'm not sure how many of these I'll upload here, so be sure to check Here - often for progress reports and pictures. :D

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Painting of Venom I did in Flash, man I missed this program. :D

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Just a quick drawing of Isaac I did with a brush pen. :D

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Preview of what I'm working on. #Unleashed

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My entry for the AQ3D contest. Thoughts?
This mysterious being is thought to once have been man. Legend says a powerful ruler once had a dark and twisted amusement of necromancy, trying to find ways to bring back those who have left this world. He would mix plant and animal matter into tonics and potions with disturbing results. He kept himself very much in shape to the point where when he did die, he would be at his physical peak. But he didn't die, he made his elixir, and now roams the lands in search of new followers to give his power to, he is building an army... If you see him or a follower, pursue. They must be destroyed at all costs...!
Extra notes: Skin is usually gray or a dull green or brown. The eyes range from oranges to blues to simply white. Roughly 6 ft in height, very muscular in body mass, with bones showing through in parts . Very evil, will hunt down it's prey or convert it to a lich like itself.

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I mixed myself, , and to make this freaky guy! You probably don't wanna run into him. He sorta has three minds. All done in pen.

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Some sword designs I made for possible use in Unleashed. Which ones are your favorites?

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Something I made in MSpaint last week. Just thought i'd upload something.

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I miss this program. :p

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So, I sketched what I thought the ultimate form of would look like in pen. Tell me what you think. :)

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This is Walter! :D
He's an alien made of slime. c:
Also one of my first 3D models! Yaaaaay Walter!

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Why so serious?

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My latest and greatest project; Unleashed.
Unleashed will be an online animated series taking place in some other world or dimension.
This guy you see up above is the series protagonist. (Name still in the works)
I don't want to give much away about the story (Partially because I'm still designing it. Heh) but what I will say is I'll be doing my best to make it entertaining for for all age groups.

Each episode will most likely last around a minute each. That way I don't overwork myself with school coming up. Of course, animating may be easier than I thought. But, nothing is really final yet. Except the fact that I'll be certainly trying my best to get this made.

What I'm working on right now (As of August)
-Character design
-Setting(time period and locations)
-Practicing animation techniques

So, I have quite a bit of work to do, but I really wanted to let you all know. And I hope you'll all watch when It comes out. :)

I'd love to hear any questions, comments, or criticism!(Not much to critique yet though. :P)
Thanks for reading!


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