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I'm not used to weapons AT ALL. So I'm trying to practice.
Call it The Great Hunter's Bow. Comment please!

  • 787 days ago via site
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Made this design. Calling it The Dark Lord's Helm. (Yes I realize it resembles Dage) Anyway, comment please.

  • 788 days ago via site
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Pencil portrait I made just now.
Happy I finally made something again.

  • 792 days ago via site
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Pen drawing I did a few days ago.
(Somehow I managed to reverse the hair part on my own design. Oh well.)

  • 811 days ago via site
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Quick little design I made. I've been into drawing Mario lately it seems.

  • 815 days ago via site
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So, my Dad used to collect comics. So I redesigned this character I made for him 3 years ago for his Birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad. :D

  • 821 days ago via site
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So, asked me to make 'em a logo. So, I did to the best of my abilities. Yaaaaay!... Logo's are not what I'm used to. :p

  • 822 days ago via site
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I need to make this a Tee shirt.

  • 823 days ago via site
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Just something I'm working on. More for practice than anything really.
May try to make it into a poster if that's even legal.

  • 824 days ago via site
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Made this for and uh... Well, this is why I don't use the brush tool too often. BUT ANYWAY. Still fun to make. :d

  • 829 days ago via site
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New armor. The Undead-something or the other.
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Comments much appreciated!
Probably spent 6 hours on it (AHH)

  • 832 days ago via site
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See, this is what I meant. (I edited the one on the right)

  • 834 days ago via site
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New art based on Super Meat Boy requested by ! (At least I hope this is the scene she meant) I hope you like it!
This was incredibly fun to make, because it's so different than my usual stuff. :D

  • 844 days ago via site
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Finally finished this armor. Tell me what you think. :D
(Don't worry, Twitpic doesn't actually have Malware)

  • 856 days ago via site
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  • 858 days ago via site
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Here is the butterfly I made my cousin. I still need to sign it and frame it, but yeah. And sorry about the blotchyness, it's from the flash.

  • 865 days ago via site
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Portrait of the Joker. Comment and tell me how I did!

  • 878 days ago via site
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Portrait of Bane from TDKR.
How'd I do?

  • 879 days ago via site
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Drawing of my character Isaac in pen. Would love to hear what you think.
(I mess up slightly with the positioning on the leg on the right. Sorry)

  • 880 days ago via site
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J6! Did all in pen. I love the challenge of drawing with pen, just so much fun.
Took me around an hour, tell me what you think!

  • 886 days ago via site
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