Keith Winters


Bard of Doom. Best. Title. Ever.

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ShadowScyth Sentinel Sketch in progress. (reuploaded pre-colored version of my old sketch)

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ShadowScythe Sentinel

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Dragon Kai Swordsman

At last, your training have reached it's zenith. The dragon spirit is no longer your weapon and you are no longer the vessel. Both Warrior and spirit have reached perfect harmony.

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Dragon Kai Swordsman - Outline WIP

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Lunar Elf Assassin

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Red Riding Hood Revisited??

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Remnants of my unrealized dream of an Oz Anime

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Master Dragon Kai

"I see not with my eyes
but with my dragon's soul
the fang of which I strike
is one my dragon owns
I am his vessel, He is my will
In battle we are one, in mastery and skill."

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A sketch of a love I never had

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Kia Long, Apprentice dragon swordsman.

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Vampire Count.

Awakened from aside, I am totally not sure if it's a guy or a girl #UnintentionallyAndrogynous

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Lycan Warrior Concept

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Runecaster Apprentice

The Runecasters are a particularly unique school of magic. While other schools tune in with their elements to focus on which spell to cast and draw their energy from raw wells of mana present in the nexuses of which their elemental ley lines intersect, Runecasters call upon ancient texts of lore once forgotten to literally spell out the magical spells that they cast. The source from which they draw their power from are the runestones they graft onto their garments. Runestones are artifacts of mysterious origin with the unique property of absorbing raw mana and storing them. Due to being exposed to mana from many different nexuses, the mana contained within these stones are of every element at the same time. Attempting to cast magic using the raw mana stored in these stones without precaution have lead to unsavory resolts, the worst case being all the mana released burning the caster to a crisp. Runecasters on the other hand use the ancient texts to call upon a specific strain of elemental energy, use the words of those once known to command the mana itself and manifest as a spell of the caster's choice.

Runecasting isn't much different from one's spoken tongue in the sense that each runeword corresponds to either a spell base, spell attribute and spell form. A fully formed runespell is akin to a fully formed sentence. The more runewords a caster unlocks, the more powerful a spell he can cast. The more creative and brilliant of Runecasters have done what other schools of magic have not, that is to mix elemental magic. The art of mastering runecasting has its difficulty lie in the rigidness of the form, grammar and pronunciation of runewords. Many neophytes have fallen victim to their own spells miscast. Despite the meticulousness of the process, those who persevere to master the tongue of those once known have attained mastery of a deadly branch of magic that's truly their own. F rom freezing flames to lightning familiars, a Master Runecaster is as deadly as the master of his vocabulary.

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Cuz demonslaying blind priests kick ass.

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Another collection to my waistcoat fetish

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"My faith is my shield, my will is my sword. In order, Peace. In justice, Strength. We are the defenders, in his name we are strong."

(Damn DS getting all the colors wrong)

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Concept sketch - Defender of Faith

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Warrior of the Winter Wolf

A mysterious yet skilled soul raised to bear with the harsh conditions of the unforgiving north. Clad in steel colder than winter itself and armed with a blade as mighty as a glacier yet as silent as snowfall, This warrior relentlessly stalks the mountainsides like a ghost in the wind. Friend or foe, not much else about him is known. Be wary though, those who have incurred his wrath have been met with vengeance guaranteed to be served cold.

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Very rough concept sketch

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Infernal Demon of Fire - Aka, possible chaorrupted Xan

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