Relax. it was just a fuckin joke. #BHS #RaiderNation

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Look who bought a car here last week. #Wwf #DudeLooksLikeSpawnInRealLife

Took the kids bowling today... They make sure you don't wanna take these ugly ass rented shoes nowhere lol

Lol WTF is this? Webster is racist as shit

It's after 8 here and it's still over 100 damn degrees

Most my customers annoy me. But this chick was hilarious

Pray for me. Lol

Phoenix, AZ #UniBomber #sketch

Attn aspiring hustlers, con artists... If you want to make a big purchase without suspicion. Don't pay like this

took my kids battery packs out their controllers because they play too many video games. My son mcguyver'd this.

Lmao. #AwwwShit2013

Lovely Liz n Ross #tbt


Lmao I'm sorry but this shit was funny. I don't remember who did it but got damn. #OldFavorites



#OldFavorites lol

Put in a Lil work this morning. #ISYMFS

Fuck it.... What's one more. Lol

Sometimes my job sucks. When it sucks like today I leave in the middle of it and drink beer.

Eating at the Stoner sandwich shop