Alexander Black


Alexander continuously disrupts the thread of lessons, often demanding that I fix his calculator - even when a calculator will not be needed during the lesson.

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Yoyo twiter for lyf #edinburghjustwashedmyhandsinanapron

YOU KNOW WHO IT IS #edinburgheccies

Causing it, quite clearly #edinburghfuckmums

My mum is more indie than you

So cute! X

Got a picture with a real life black man last night

Hey baby it's ya burfdy

I want everyone to edit this picture; it's me in my gran's bathroom hating a corrupt government

this is sam with the man of his dreams

Kris bending over for fiddy cent

Sam loving christians

this is sam + kRis

#SecondarySchoolMemories my two favourite embarrassments to society

this one loool

Just found this in my bag, for semester 2 of economics. This is pure symbolism.

Love diz shit, all dey every day hittin da ice blasts

lmao, oh laura. I'm glad you're so pretty

This man just added me on bbm. He's on the columbian casting couch, where he rapes kids for prophet

this was more eventful

Woman in asda told me this was a miniature pumpkin, but I have suspicions that it's just a tangerine

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