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#WheelsUp... / sleep

Pete Evans, Miami legend.. #salud

Free dranks courtesy of Pete Evans

But why tho, Raiders fans? Why?

matter of fact... Lol

lmfaooo. Yo her crying has to be the new "umad?" Pic.


Outta here #fuera

Shoutout my nigga Saddam Hussain!

I thought I had hairy legs... Looks like this nigga wearin black, knee high socks.

This bus stop in bedstuy tho!

clearly states the train wont be running today but the sound outside my window suggests otherwise. Lemme get outta here

<---- this nigga here with the laziest, meanest Happy birthday post of the day... Smh

Cheetah and using the Victoria's Secret free gift bag??? Ma'am... Smh

Bus stopped for 30 minutes cuz this man didn't wanna sit down in his seat. Police had to come get him off the bus

The tallest structure in Richmond... :-l

Didn't we see her at a Christmas party at Anavia a couple years ago??

The hood's changin...