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Me and the love of my life. Being a mom is the best part of life.


#Remember911 #Neverforget

#Neverforget #9/11

baby's 1st selfie

I will never buy a single stitch from . First the swastika bag and now this! A Sherif badge has 5 points not 6!

A picture I took today. Lol

Walking around Manhattan and I see what looks like the twin towers. Weird.

good morning

that's $9.98 too much lol she's good. Keeping me busy busy busy

Woman oppressing pieces of shit.



Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye wearing a shirt

#Hamas and the children. #childabuse


thank you:) i love her to pieces

Me: time for bed
My Daughter: ok mom but 1st...lemme take a selfie.

Hi Law:)