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First time I've been asked to show ID to prove my age in a long time. I got all dressed up for nothing! #denied

Don't see these in Bangkok too often. Methinks someone left the cage door open.

First the new iPhone, now this? Can my week get any better??!

"How can we make our giant, overly bright TV more obnoxious and annoying?" "Huge fucking speakers turned up to 11?"

Pic of me in Japan in Dec. Fun for 20min, then not so much.

Sudden tree/structure teardown on the north & south sides of Nana BTS station. I expect condos will soon follow.


Hey , surely your host screeching into a PA system at max volume isn't necessary (or safe) for babies.

Apparently a new condo will be built on "Soi Pepsi" here. Don't suppose residents of The River condo will be smiling.

Thanks to all the great people who came to the #bkktweetup last night. This was my view most of the evening.

Yes, and she was disturbingly nonplussed. Outrage!

Full house for Dr Stephen Perrenod's talk on galaxies and dark matter at tonight. Good stuff.

Travel writer friend still uses the original iPhone as his main device. Slow and ugly, but works fine. #oldschool

DeLorean on display for some reason at Central World. Viewing TIME seems to be in FLUX. Also, capacitor.

Hey guys, weird. This image is showing for my account avatar, but no idea what it is, or how to view it. :S

Man, Google, with all you know about me your recommendations on what I'd like to watch next are pretty far off.

Planning the next tweetup with . Also, my head is on fire please send help oh my god.

RIP to a friend I've known since high school. Helped me through many stressful times. Not available in TH anymore. :(

Blow oot them 147 candles, you magnificent, frozen bastard.

Full house at for 's talk on space travel and how prohibitively expensive it is.