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It's My Kitty World but I let my ppl live in it (lucky poopscoopers). I may be a housecat, but my imagination runs WILD! #BBOT, Luv Anipals, Anti-Drama.#AZPals!

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Keehee *kitty wink* RT I'm picky about my queso.

DUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Howz the ol' b-plug hanging? ;0) Life is spiffy fur this kitty!

SQUEEEEEEEE it's raining dolla bills, up in here, up in here! *twirls*

I knew we should've patted down the audience, that night! Darn cameraphones!

This is a page from #TheHappinessProject page-a-day calendar. March 18, 2012 is THE BEST!

KeeHee, usually I look like this pic but have special avi up fur

Have you seen this girl? She's claiming I'm the father of her unborn baby!

A tribute to who was a #ChickFest "Queen"! Raise a & find your inner chick!

that's the kinda #ChickFest we had when was dressed like this!

are you wearing THIS again?!

awww *pouty eyes* I miss your spiffy aluminum outfit avi! (thank goodness I saved a copy, hee!)

...says da bear dressed like this

that's MISTER Freak to you, hooker!

does this ever happen to u, buddy? "Skeptical Mutt":

My 8 nipple tassels are in the shop so here's a good ol' polecat dance *spin twirl TOOT*

I. Heart. This. Pic! xo♡

The Blind Sherlock pic is amazing - love it!

"When I step on da scene, I primp & preen, cuz I walk w/ a limp like an old skool pimp, ya know what I mean"

Yahooey! Do ya like my giant Santa Pimp hat? inspired me w/his own #BigPimpinSanta

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