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Ummmm, I love the homeless.

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William Senoma ur f'in out. Bed bath and beyond, ur in.

Special delivery. With mints. I tried tweeting this pic 30 minutes ago.

New matress got delivered with mints and a happiness garantueed sticker. Now that's hockey.

Just bought a tempur-pedic mattress. Any thoughts? I heard they are awesome.

Thought this was funny. Lady sleeping on a couch half off the back of a truck

Now that's hockey.

I'm thinking about getting a dog. French bulldog. I think there wicked.

Wait I think I found the problem.

Like seriously. I think all my tweeters have recomended each type.

FML. Old Spice, ur f'ing out.

Getting the rig cleaned up. The workers at Danny's car wash work extremely hard. I'm ganna tip 7 dollars on a 15 dollar car wash.

I hate sitting out. But love the popcorn in calgary.

That's our food spread so RED eats like a king. Coyotes take care of our elders.

Meet big RED. He's been a fan since the jets days and comes to every calgary and edmonton game of ours. We put him up in the hotel and he has team meals with us. Check out his sick suspenders. Shout out to RED.

I know its a bad pic but this homeless guy was loving the cash. Didn't have any left overs. He told me he was ganna buy booze with it but what can u do? Atleast he will be happy. Thank u homeless man from Calgary.

I'd like to thank rachel the concierge at the westin in calgary. Ill be set for the season for shit tickets now. Booooya.

So we get to our hotel in calgary. I get to my room and there is a stack of toilet paper left by one of my twitter friends lol.

Another munson. Like do u have to custom order that? Does jeep make them that color? Who drives that? fawk.

Like what's wrong with people. Is chrysler giving these things away for free?

Just got down an interview with u gatta add him fot that #FF. Do it, do it, do it.