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Ummmm, I love the homeless.

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The black keys. Get it. Ur ears deserve it.

#Myhomelesssignwouldsay desperate times call for desperate measures. Just a hint at my costume hahaha.

Team haloween party tonight. Taco costume? To easy. Gatta be more creative. Throw the boys a curve ball.

Learning to play dominos with my new friends. Getting old is awesome.

Is that what I have to look forward to? Growing old and playing dominos in public. Now u wonder why I live my life the way I do. Getting old doesn't seem fun.

That's a juicy beat. Taylor gang or die. Happy hustles. That gets me jazzed for games.

So I'm guessing riding in the back of a pick up in arizona is legal? I'm pumping gas and these guys wheel up lol.

Go yanks. But I'm a huge josh hamilton fan. Read his book. He's literally been to hell and back.

Just made my bed. Holy F. Yoli, my mom, would shed tears if she saw this.


What a song. Great morning music for the 30 minute hike to the rink. Canadian artist no big deal.

Is that a lot for bed sheets? Restoration hardware has nice stuff. Place is pimp.

High stick came pretty close. The doctor said ill prolly have tunnel vision on the ice for a week. I told him its permenant.

At a team function. This is rich our PR guy. He monitors my twitter to make it appropriate. If he didn't my account would make howerd stern look like the hour of power.

Watching my old linemate in pitt score goals. But seriously we were on the ice together during a game once for like 8 seconds. That counts as linemate right?

Guess who's getting cable today. Yeehaa.

Just went to bed bath and beyond and got me and back brushes for the rink. No more backne for me. Its not bad but gatta control it. That's martha stewart biatch.

Holy shit tickets. If ur wondering how that's floating, its not, that's 3M innovation biatches. TP, ur f'ing out.

Ya here they are. Just got them out of my truck. Thanks tammi. No more chapped ass. Boom.

Can't say I'm a fan of this turkey. He's about as cool as a hot tub. Think his show sucks! Anyone agree.