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Ummmm, I love the homeless.

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Only in Edmonton.

Hahaha Brutas has the second best pitters in the league. -12 degrees celsius out and he's sweating like me at a math exam.

Ganna muck some Dinski. Not sure what's going on with that chicken. Looks like it had the same trainer as Barry Bonds. Wish me luck. Off to Edmonton.

That's Brutas Maximus. Jason Lebarbra. Great guy, great teamate. Always possitive. Let's give a twitter shout out to my boy. Boom.

Belanger is trying to figure out who put the med ball in his bag. It wasn't me but that's priceless. Ill do some core on the plane with it. My abs will make "the situations" look like kyle wellwoods.

The boys getting ready to fly to Calgary. Someone put a medicine ball ill Belanger's luggage lol. That's hockey.

If ur ears have a G spot, this will hit it. Boooom.

So I hear its snowing in Calgary. Didn't think I'd be pulling out the old tuk this early.

Meet ur 2010 2011 west coast all stars. Boooooom.

Just went and ate at the new True Foods in north scottsdale with pyatt and korpikoski. Awesome place to eat check it out.

F'ing eh rights tweeps. U guys are the best. If I could kiss you all ud be getting tongue. I haven't been this happy since I found my car yesterday.

I picked that one only, right?

Isn't that all I need and it should work? Computer pals help this guy.

My first card will be a "get well soon". It will have a picture of the HHR debacle and say "it could be worse, u could be driving this!" That should put things into perspective.

Shane doan hard at work on his christmas card for the fans. Skated today and felt good. Can't wait to be back.

Coyotes charity is selling holiday cards made by us players. This is mine. Yes I know what word comes to mind when u c this, "pikasso".

My girl likes the scarf and I like the scarf so it stays. Boom.

Its gatta get worse before it gets better. Hang in there biznatches, the new jibs are on there way.

I spend just as much time at the dentist as in the buffet line at arenas in the nhl.

Good news folks. Keith yandle told me my new sticks just got delivered today at our practice rink. There a little top heavy but good around the net.