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University of Ottawa Communications MA graduate. Communications consultant with interests in social media strategy and networking. Opinions are my own.

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Guess who found Scattergories! Ok, it's the "junior" edition... Perhaps a pre mod night drinking game?

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Advantages to spring studying in an empty library: I can wear my holiday sweater sans judgement

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Great show last night guys. Love the oldschool Sens cap in this pic #babylon #ottawa

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Despite its best attempts to defy the term 'temporary', I will finally vanquish this tattoo from my arm today!

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In need of a change of scenery, I decided to work from one of Ottawa's public libraries. Looking out onto Laurier st.

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Finally added a profile background. Just seeing the outer edges doesn't quite do it justice so here's the full thing

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You may say I'm a dreamer...Here's a pic of me hanging out in John Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba (2008) #Lennon

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Great weekend hanging out with the cast and crew of Fiddler on the Roof. Good luck with the rest of the tour!

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Check out what I found in the laundry room of our building! #randomjunktreasures

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The University of Ottawa Grad Students Lounge - my home away from home, away from home. #uottawa

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Just found a muffin in my grocery bag that the grocer at Boushey's Fruit Market must have snuck in because I joked about it :D

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A big thanks to the great organizers, presenters and everyone involved in #intercom I'll stop spamming Twitter now

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Steve Jankowski rounded out the day with "Knowledge Creation: Students Perspective" Great! #intercom

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International student Jing Ke "Exploration of Contemporary Open Source Journalism in China" #intercom

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Anton Van Hamel delivered a presentation called "Media Watching Kids Watching Media" #intercom

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#intercom organizers and Sarah Suggitt with UofO Comms. professor Jenepher Lennox-Terrion and academic assistant Gabriel Houle

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Brendan Burrows - Saving Africa: Looking through Ideological Representations of Child Soldiers #intercom

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Taking a break for a delicious lunch provided by La Botega. #intercom

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Jenn Dumoulin made the government communication stream proud with her pres. on the Pulic Sphere #intercom

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Halnya Mokrushyna introduced us to Holodomor - The Great Famine of Ukraine 1932-33

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