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Big Night Tonight in South Beach Miami...Bought a new Killer Outfit for the nightclubs! Watch I come..Does my belt match my shirt?

  • 971 days ago via site
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I hope everyones having a GREAT weekend...Summers here...I got all dressed up today in the new outfit I got at Milan Fashion week....

  • 1104 days ago via site
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whern i broke down Jenny McCarthy's Bathroom door...THIS is what I expected!!!!

  • 1125 days ago via site
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Tracy..pick up a new one of these when youre at Walmart..Im not sure what you did to the last one but it looked used and abused last time i stopped by your place...KISS

  • 1129 days ago via site
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Dont worry Honey...theres alot of's one of the beds in the playroom

  • 1130 days ago via site
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True Friends for Life

  • 1131 days ago via site
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Glenn said 1 of his Fiancee's Highlights was NYC Christmas I took them to Kelsey's Apt..heres Alexandra and Kels

  • 1227 days ago via site
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George...maybe this will refresh your memory?

  • 1285 days ago via site
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me on the town with the AMAZING model Nikki Gray..i was thinking of pressing charges for sexual harrasment...

  • 1311 days ago via site
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The new media theater im building in my house

  • 1324 days ago via site
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Burgandi i actually believed u when u said u wanted me to help you rehearse for a upcoming sex scene in a movie!!!

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"I'm Half the Van that I used to be"

  • 1366 days ago via site
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Great to see my good Buddy Kelsey Grammer back on top with his hit show "BOSS" on ..

  • 1371 days ago via site
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This is why I dont go on blind dates where my friends tell me "she has such a pretty Face"

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IF YOUR GIRLFRIEND comes home with boxers on her head,humming the "twitter song" with this NEW TATOO..IT WASNT ME!

  • 1455 days ago via site
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BIG DAY for the Gorgeous and I in TIMES SQUARE NYC as our NEW music video on US Biggest TV PLS RT

  • 1498 days ago via site
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CNBC NEWS .APPLE releases the 1st EVER "hands-free" IPad that runs on your brainwaves..COMING SOON! #damnyouzucker

  • 1538 days ago via site
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I havent asked on a date YET but I think she willll say YES she was seen in buying one of these

  • 1538 days ago via site
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