Purveyor of bicycle deliciousness (new Gaulzetti deliciousness imminent). Alter ego as @RichGearing. Thinks too much.

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Slab of cake ready… and eaten. Was already doing that, and it still does the same thing:

Yes. But after "…Cazzo" it continues the underline - as if the space between the links is part of the URL

I know I've used it before but… Merry Christmas!

I want to add something lairy to this design - too plain!…

Another error for you. Tried to streamline my plugins so now using 'SNAP' to post to Twitter, but it won't post.

Any idea what this is about (see pic)? Stopping me using the WP app on iPhone & iPad too…

One for tomorrow - apparently I have a 'fatal error' with plugin allowed memory size?

Pretty poor reaction on yesterday's jersey design - this any better?...

Neat touch #tidytapefinish


Not a bad spot, as long as any tries are down this end that is!

So, which to replace the Brooks with?...

Wendy pics up tub of ice cream. I comment "ooh, dangerous". She gives me 'a look'. Forgot I have this on my lap... Ah.

This is a well-sorted bike:

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

You need some'a these disco slippers:

Tried one on the Baum - didn't suit the bike so binned it. Should probably have ridden it more:

Finally my is clean and beautiful again:

Awfully bad taste from Facebook:

And that's exciting, why?:

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