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Tweets by BGIC co-owner Doug Q. Two NYC locations, same hours: Sun-Wed 12pm-10pm, Thu-Sat 12pm-12am. **LA SHOP OPENING SUMMER 2014**

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Sign #3. Mainly remarkable 'cuz I was holding the camera level- parts of the Great Wall are steep!!

Sign #2. Looks like a patch of hard-packed dirt to me, but I am no expert.

Sign #1. Where did someone find this word?

Sighting: BGICT at the Great Wall of China.

Some down time after rehearsal.

Doug's first email fr Beijing included this photo. App a standard nightmare-inducing feature of the hotel.

thinking of you

My view for the next 14 hours. Yay!

Oops! Ice kreem truk spellin problims.

I love when people bring stuff by! Example: Harvey brought me a giant Cadbury Egg.

Two limoncellos (lemoncelli?) after dessert...

This appeared on the corner today. I trust it will be gone when I reappear in June otherwise I'm going to call an exorcist.

Zombies at BGICT?

Reaffirming: there WILL be a #lofnotc party at the truck soon... is gonna make it official.

I think these look less like "clean sparkles" and more like "stink squiggles." Thoughts?

Homer's tricked-out ice cream truck. "product contains neither ice nor cream. May contain traces of mexican cheese."

Photo for my Chinese visa application or Unabomber mugshot?

More sprinkle scenes: box art, number two. *I* want to live in The Sprinkle Kingdom and you're all invited!

More sprinkle scenes: box art, nubmer one.

The thing parked across the street is wigging me out. Please hotwire it and drive it into the Hudson for me.