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Trying to be nice & get good karma. It's not easy, but it's always worth trying. Spouse of @GypsumFantastic & Eng Lit undergrad at Uni of Sheffield.

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- Here's the correct link to the pic of Nick Griffin's tweets against a gay couple on twitter.

Here's a pic of Dr Gonzo I took a while ago in a field new home. What a star :)

Ah, but who wouldn't miss this fella?

You crazy youngsters! My biblio is on a separate page formatted thusly :)

This variety of rose is called Miss Piggy. I kid you not. Such a sweet perfume. #truefloristryfact #iwassurprisedtoo

I saw a crop circle while on my WIltshire trip last month. I wanted to share it as it's nothing to do with rioting :)

My place at Sheffield has been confirmed. I'm in! *faints with delight*

lovliest food too. Hurrah. This is what today's looked like for me

Such a sky :)

I know what you mean. This is exactly what I came here for. Sky enough for everyone :)

Ooh, what d'you think to the panoramas that my new camera puts together? I rather like them.

A snap taken at Avebury earlier today. Such a beautiful place under a real Wiltshire sky. #happyasaclamathightide

Yorkshire Sculpture Park :)

leaving party signs.


Dr Gonzo loves the comfy chair.

Dr Gonzo loves the comfy chair.

I'm loving our delphinium this year. Oh yes mama :D