;) 69 Days♬


Forever supporting that small town kid from Canada. Get this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/believe-deluxe-edition/id534441482 ♪

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Omgggg im crying! :* #ProudBelieber

He always posts then deletes really cute pics on IG! U need to take the 'delete' button off of his profile

#1YearOfBoyfriend <333333333

Omg can you hear me screaming?!?! BAHAHAHAHAH I love you so much

Still Kidrauhl, just taller.♥

Holy shit. I usually hate when people edit 's eyes, but this is amazing. Shit, he looks sexy af.

This breaks my heart :'(

Omg stop :'( you grew up wayyy too fast!!!

Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in a corner... :*

Happy birthday :* #emotionss


Ladies and gents, our idol ;)

Idk man I really like him in this outfit :*


Lol! My bg is kinda amazing ;) #itsabelieberthing

My definition of perfection.♥

& now he's turning 19 in exactly one month . . . Thank you for making my tears real, Usher. Thank you.

Omg! look! I have 1432 followers :* Bahahaha do you get it?! If not, this is gonna be awks. ;p lmao 143 <3

So obsessed with his facial expressions tho :* #sosexy (oh & o n l y 149 more days to goooooo #BelieveTour )

hey babe, you got a little somethin on your face . . . ;) #youresexyanyways