Wink. Nod. Smile.


My idol has called me sexy, gorgeous and flawless & he takes pictures with his fans and puts them on his twitter. wbu? SWAVE!

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and her after :D

this is my aunts before...

soo now a part of the bottom of my hair is blonde! My mom saw it and she said it looked good :D #swag

Im so sad I wont be able to see them :(

theree! :D I think it looks cool nigguh hahaha

idk if u can see it but its a little ligter, I didnt want it too blonde just a light brown

Spongebob ice creammm!! :D u eat spongebob ice cream, I eat spongebob ice cream... we're meant to be! ;)

This is Johnny today... He looks sexy lol

-.- omg I swear some Puertoricans are dumb af! They write Bieber like Beiber and beliebers likr believers...

be jelly nigguh! ;) lol

Cutie pie! :)

Isn't she the most adorable thing in the world? :)

his name is Johnny. Johnny Depp. This is his amazing haircut made by muah! Lol

": My timeline is like a desert, EVERYBODY, including celebrities, are thirsty as fuck." Lol

My new phone cover! :D


Heyyy look who it is.. :D haha

*Deep voice* "I can grow facial hair very easily" lol

This scene is so emotive for me tbh..