Wink. Nod. Smile.


My idol has called me sexy, gorgeous and flawless & he takes pictures with his fans and puts them on his twitter. wbu? SWAVE!

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": are.... you.... serious..... ."

Ma new nails bitchessss!

Girls at my school seem to be loving this hair-do...

Is it bad to say that i want all of these Justin Bieber dolls?

Caught you humping the bar buddy... Lol

Man, this is soooo true..

Back to school :/

My amazing closet wall! Lol

made them myself. I am amazing! #thatisall lol

Well this is sad... :/

so, how do they look? :D

nsbeiebeorbi :)

I swear Jiley fans are BEASTS when it comes to Photoshop lol

oh god, ur hair's gonna get fucked up lol but anywhoo look at what i did to mine

Omfg this just made my night! Lmfaoo #BeliebersAreAmazing

Lets go to the beach each, lets go get away ;)

oh and look at my hair when its in a ponytail

look at what i just diddd :D haha

and again