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I'm Tommy Hawk the official mascot of the best team in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks!

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Ever wonder what would look like if he were in an 80's hair band video? (photo courtesy of )

  • 920 days ago via site
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Teen wolfing it on top of my van waveing my Blackhawks Flag during the LaGrange Pet Parade.

  • 972 days ago via site
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Here I am conducting a press conference for the league stating how great Chicago fans are!

  • 989 days ago via site
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The Ice Techs are taking out the ice. It's like ripping off a bandaid. Time to start getting ready for next season

  • 1011 days ago via site
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Someone stole my cup. The ransom note said 16 more wins and I get it back. Let's get win #1 tonight! #ChiPhx

  • 1023 days ago via site
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Coming soon to an appearance near you. I will throw these at unsuspecting fans!

  • 1046 days ago via site
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Check out my new ride! I can sleep in the back while my manager drives!
They see me rollin, they hatin!

  • 1051 days ago via site
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Here is the Article from the Hockey News on best mascot.

  • 1087 days ago via site
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I grew a Mustache in honor of Coach Q Bobblehead night!

  • 1113 days ago via site
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Me & Staley surveying the scene right before letting the kids out on the ice for the Tommy Hawk Kids Club skate!

  • 1117 days ago via site
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  • 1187 days ago via site
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After his match tonight, me and Johnny McEnroe are going to detroit to egg Babcock’s house!

  • 1198 days ago via site
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A small child chewing on my face!

  • 1222 days ago via site
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Connor sent me this Thank You letter for the Tommy Hawk Kids Club gift bag I personally mailed to him!

  • 1276 days ago via site
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Booted the camera crew out once they started taking photos of me trying to get my beauty sleep!

  • 1291 days ago via site
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Kicking back during the kids only press conference. Not many questions a mute bird can answer.

  • 1291 days ago via site
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Kids Only Press Conference w/ Leddy Crawford & Kane Think I made Kaner deaf from shooting confetti next to his ear

  • 1291 days ago via site
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It's a little blurry but here I am attempting to play the organ with Frank Pellico.

  • 1291 days ago via site
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had a camera crew follow me around during the convention to get some sweet snapshots! Checking into my hotel room!

  • 1291 days ago via site
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Those trucks must b where they keep the unlimited supply of cookies that I threw @ people after donating Blood

  • 1315 days ago via site
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