good thing i sing. my hair is a tangled disaster. and i'm short. i'll never be a model.

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This weekend while relaxing & listening to Beaver Nelson, & were attacked by flying cats!

Working out with my trainer

Did someone say dessert? Canton sour. Sweet/sour, canton, egg white, simple syrup. Sweet and yummy.

Folk paparazzi

Folk paparazzi

Um, did I fail to mention that I am on the fifth row?? Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines join Amy and Emily!

Notice it doesn't say it's made from the "best 3%," just from 3% of the "best," which essentially means nothing.

Oh...and did I mention Billy Tripp came to my show today?! So cool. And here he is signing a copy of his book for me.

Saw an amazing sculpture by Billy Tripp in Brownsville, TN today: Mindfield.

On my way to Memphis to play at the Memphis house concert series, I stooped to eat sushi in Mississippi. Surprisingly yummy

Heck yes I love my car!

At Rendezvous w in Memphis. We stick to health food on the road.

I love having a chauffeur! is driving with me to NYC to kick off my east coast + southern tour this month

Can someone explain this to me please?

Goodbye Harlingen, goodbye Brownsville. You sure tasted good.

The east Texas sky looked like there were waves in the clouds today:

Sam and Gurf at the Cactus - this is still the coolest ticket in town.

I thought of my friends (like you, ) in Hoboken when I saw this last night:

Now at the Cactus Cafe: Danny Schmidt and the lovely Carrie Elkin

...points then met up after & walked out together. Griff approached them & offered opportunities to be involved