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30 bux at Ed's gets you a smaller roll, less rich w/more lemon. B says lob is overcooked bread don't touch brioche. Next up is Mermaid Inn.

  • 1987 days ago via phone
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31.57 for 1 lob roll at Lure - worth every penny. Huge chunks of fresh lobster served on Brioche bread. They set the bar high!

  • 1987 days ago via phone
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Is doing a NYC lobster roll crawl to find the best. With & & Cookie. Lure on Mercer St. is first, verdict/favored picks nxt

  • 1987 days ago via phone
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This is my whole family-hoppy poppy and the booboo watching the surf.

  • 1988 days ago via phone
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Mommy, please take me with you!!

  • 1988 days ago via phone
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Me playing golf

  • 1989 days ago via phone
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Engagement 101 Magazine - In bookstores now. Try to find my cover amongst all the mags in this photo! Pick one up to read yourself. Great photos

  • 1990 days ago via phone
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Is excited Cookie made it in NY Mag! She's going to have to watch out for the paw-pawrazzi!

  • 1991 days ago via phone
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at lunch w lawyers at the 4 seasons's my favorite looks like heidi montag's weave

  • 1992 days ago via phone
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Is watching Cookie struggle to open her 'DogBeer', she doesn't have opposable thumbs.

  • 1993 days ago via phone
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Hated my dress but everyone seems to like it. Hair and makeup at Fox for an online to follow next week.

  • 1993 days ago via phone
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isn't my dogwalking outfit sexy?"I forgot to mention that my boyfriend doesn't have very good vision so he still thinks I'm cute.-lol.

  • 1993 days ago via phone
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Faking that I know how to do linguini and clams.praying it turns out right. Ill keep u updated

  • 1994 days ago via phone
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Skinnygirls eat pop chips

  • 1994 days ago via phone
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I don't know what I was thinking. I seriously contemplated a rickshaw to take my home. No joke.

  • 1994 days ago via phone
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it is hot as balls, but I'm gonna do the loop anyway.I'm in front of a nice colorful sculpture by the plaza hotel

  • 1994 days ago via phone
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was alec asleep because houseiwives bores him?maybe he and luann can date?

  • 1995 days ago via phone
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I'm thinking of sending this picture into ford models and vogue in hopes of a cover. Thoughts?

  • 1995 days ago via phone
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"the mason jar skinnygirl that I hijacked after crashing rene zelwegger's party." More to come. Bon jovi,marc jacobs

  • 1995 days ago via phone
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How ugly am I?jason made me go blue parrot east hampton drinking skinnys.oily skin,but having fun.gonna crash a party next.

  • 1996 days ago via phone
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