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1 day I hope 2 b famous....I'm an Avatard... hmmm I umm... love 2 sing... but I am quite off pitch.... my pets r my fave things in the worlds and so on........

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I have given up for now on finishing it but thank goodness I got this far! otherwise I tihnk I would start cryin'

  • 2037 days ago via site
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I <3 my Sister... she brought me Chick-fil-A

  • 2045 days ago via site
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Mi and my buds! ....... MI & T.... she has no idea I call her T........ she makes mi laugh!!!

  • 2072 days ago via site
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Look @ what my garden grew..... a very oddly shaped carrot.... hmmmm.... but my bunny enjoyed it!

  • 2106 days ago via site
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haha my headphones totally fell off but got stuck in my hair.... Classic!

  • 2128 days ago via site
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Me and 1 of my fave girls! We have 2 much fun.... but I <3 this pic.... hehe she is so funny!

  • 2149 days ago via site
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It becomes obvious that Im bored when Istart takin pics of myself.... well that aren't all that pretty! hehe but.... I just had to post it who couldn't

  • 2155 days ago via site
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Hehe.... Tay & Elbie look like stalkers/ax murders & mer looks like shes havin trouble with her fave and Im trying to look mad but Im laughing at Tay

  • 2162 days ago via site
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we win most beautiful!

  • 2163 days ago via site
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How do I look???????

  • 2174 days ago via site
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My rabbit is just slightly spoiled.... :) If i have already tweeted thisi SORRY!!!!!! heheheh

  • 2176 days ago via site
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HAHA! Coolest sign EVER! I saw it on some door when I was walking through England & mi and Izzy had to get a pic

  • 2177 days ago via site
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Wanna be supermodels!........ haha ya we r soooooo COOL!!!!!!

  • 2177 days ago via site
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