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Weird bug in Portland, body 2" long! What the hell is it?

Comcast: What is this Racist crap, "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit"? I find it highly offensive! What are you thinki

Weekend fun in Portland, OR "Sand Sculptures"

Moon rise over the Willamette River tonight!

Pouring rain...hence flood warnings!

Butterflies are free!

Ruby Dee RIP, never seen her or heard of her before today! Why would I?

Beef on Sale today at Safeway in Portland...that's per pound! WTH?

Dear "Mom" Happy Mothers Day! How do you like the heat down there? (Snicker)

"Five GuysBurgers & Fries" been wanting to try it...disgusting! $11.27 for Bacon burge am fries & 16oz soda! WTF?

1950's America or current China or India!

Sleeping Resident...100+ "naps" per day!

Patio in bloom!

Portland, OR...LOST CAT...Vicinity of SW 12 th Ave & SW Market St. About 1 yr old male! Friendly, no colar.

LOST CAT Found near PSU...SW Market & SW 12th Ave. female, grey & white...nice friendly kitty!

Why does Michelle Obama always look pissed off?

Portland appears abandoned. No one is out, nor any traffic at 4 PM!

So, PORTLAND, "The City That Works", after weeks of sun, decides to remark pavement in the rain! Uh huh.

Biden watching the SOTU speech, his "happy" face!