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Fighter, lover, gamer and village idiot all rolled into one neat package... in 140 characters or less.

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Also, if you understand this shirt, then we can be friends for life.


6am ice cream session. Let's go.


Drunk already.

Bahahahahahahahahaha! Take that ! Put that in your hookah pipe and smoke it! RT : Smoking can shorten a man's penis!

A picture of Diddy making scrambled eggs. Your argument is invalid.

I can control Micheal Jackson on my iPad. I hope is jealous to the max.

Play dead.

I was making fun of her and then her eyes did that... thing.

Family time. Backyard.

These guys are fantastic. Thank you Pandora!


GTA 3 on iPad?! Consider the little free time I have to be wasted on this.

If anyone is up to get me a Christmas present... THIS should be it!


Story of my life.

Yelled at my cat so she knocked down my creative curising book and it opened up to this page.. What is she trying to say?

Bring it.

Why are these humpty dumpty mobiles allowed on the street? MOVE!