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Hacking government from the inside out — Presidential Innovation Fellow, Gov 2.0 evangelist, open-source developer, J.D./M.B.A. candidate. Views are my own.

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Should be on Hulu/IFC shortly, I believe, but if not, have it on DVR and can send. ~5 Minutes in. Pic:

. at #DCAPI describing an API to discovery government APIs. "Coming soon" #apinception

think that was about this? (cc , )

Shockingly, I was able to pass the online security training with a score of "100 Million" percent. #l33t #h4x0r

Hope? (after all we're the ones making the sausage). Also, related, above my desk:

Super psyched my reader arrived. Now I just need to figure out a use for it...

old-school stacked logo, amiwrong? (cc )

My Three Buck Chuck is going to be resting in style from now on (& yes, that is a corporations textbook propping it up)

Goodbye old friend…

Under the watchful eye of , #OperationFurnitureOut is a go. (cc: ) #wp_enqueue_dresser

Curious why site's IP changed, found this. Apparently, I'm being DDOS'd? Does this mean someone actually reads my posts?

If #Irene thinks she can give me a paper cut or chapped lips, she doesn't know the furry that is my #GWU emergency kit:

Hazing on his last official day as an new media fellow. Notice the lack of D's and M's on the keyboard

A Microsoft exec driving a Prius?

If you don't hear from me in a few hours, send a wiki-based, open-source, android-powered search team.

"Buy me I'm normal"

. kicking off #opengovdc flying the flag. Great, meme riddled presentation as always.

...and we're back.

Seeking refuge from the storm

Seeking refuge from the storm

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