The Jacques Cousteau of my bedroom. Half of what I say is meaningless.

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I got all my hair cut off DON'T KILL ME.

Rain rain go away.

DONALD. I found this on the ground today. Is it yours?

Little girl wrapped up warm on the tube, holding a bear.

Cleaned out my wallet. Found strange things. Think I need help.

you'll have to wait in line...

Showing someone Arrested Development for the first time. Scribbled Maeby.

so it turns out drawing Daria is fun.

Last new years eve was horrible for me, so I have drawn a celebratory picture of how awesome this new years eve is.

Went to the Science Museum and saw THIS classic display.

My potato - potential evil overlord.

The lady next to me has decided that her train ticket has bought her 1.5 seats.

I defy someone to find a worse Christmas cracker gift than THIS.

Merry Terrifying and a Happy New ARGH.

Made my own wrapping paper because, although I am poor, I am rich in potatoes, ink and paper.


I have a feeling this pub is owned by villains.

Girl on facebook has uploaded a photo of an old man on the train with a parrot on his shoulder. He's my new hero.

"You gurgling, cold, porcelain hussy... oh. Sorry."

Watched Moonrise Kingdom then did a thing.