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showed too much skin. RT : Why is ESPN mad at Gene Simmons?

RT : Florida Man Tries to Stow Away on Commercial Airliner While Barefoot, Shirtless, Covered in Grease | http://t.co/ULSxpP4Owf

charity golf tournament, 1130 beers in the back of my truck. guess which 2 are mine.

fellow hokie and neighborhood bro has had this for 20 yrs & he's going share it.

ray lewis' hot take on ray rice.

coworker brought me these California beer treats ...

please tell me this guy shows up on utopia as a replacement.

my dog, less excited about college football than me.

RT BREAKING: Photo of the LAPD Josh Shaw was fleeing.

RT : Why can't #Ferguson have a donut shop that the police are protecting? That would be the best meme EVER!

Doin' the BUTT, hey sexy, sexy ...

mine RT : Guys, is right we need more puppy pics. Here is one of Piper. I hope you like it. http://t.co/3AL1HVRwn1

having air conditioners on your fire escape stairs can't be to code, can it?

my rustic homemade $24 barnwood hatrack.

my $24 homemade rustic barnwood hat rack.

I just can't ...

so nice out, I might get blotto on patio with my dog tonight.

dabo's sixer RT : Last stop at #ESPNACC Carwash, & comparing 6-packs. http://t.co/ulxaVUMXgU

thought I'd share a pic of your son's first tailgate at the 2012 Duke game with my daughter.