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Becca - 17 #KatyCat & #NoDoubter Katy & Gwen own the music side to my heart, which is pretty much all of it. Pretty Little Liars. Nicki Minaj ♥

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So excited to see these little ones when I get home.

Just bumped into on the train to Sheffield. Trying to find the bloody toilets haha. :)

hi ---->

Perfect train journey, iPod, water and 's book :)

was a question on lottery show. The woman said it was Britney Spears -_-

having lezzy wet dreams about Katy m'dear? ;)

Yeah, she uses my Katy top as a nighty when she stops over :3

I can't.

This photo just made my night. Haha I love him the little terror!



They're so gorgeous. And their MINE! Niece & Nephew ♥

Its true tho, innit?

My living room is ever so Christmas'y :)

This what I find myself doing when I'm lying in bed, bored.

Ill tell you what the experience was like watching that film, fucking traumatising! Its horrid! :(

Go into my bedroom to get my iPod, to find this, how adorable? :3

I larve ma angel, were cray cray!

'They're your fingers'