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You have to be willing to get happy about nothing. I am the modern day Kami Burns #dale

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and anyone who lived at Hemphill in the summer. Remember this?

New compy, new shoes, old kitty. These are a few of my favorite things. I dunno why its all black though..


: Don't judge me but they're so delicious. I can't help it when my mexican side comes out!

Serving size: 127 chips. This is a win for all late night snackers everywhere.

Sometimes I get really bored. Let me know if you want me to write you a letter #statesboroblues

Having a staring contest with baby Ella. I win.

Hours later and I've only made a huge mess. BUT, I finally know what im doing. Watching #hp1 still.

And so beings the obscene task of making a tshirt rug.

My dad and I found this. Its my great-grandpa's WWI draft status notice. From 1918. Super awesome!

Last day of work, figured it was a good time to buy my first Braves article of clothing.

11 pm game of HORSE. They're still at R and I hit E about 15 minutes ago. #bruisedego

: Makeshift pillow fort fitted with lamp and completely sleep ready.

Boys and girls its officially triple digits in the shade. Good thing I've got that cheerwine.

Found proof from my childhood of having to learn to read in two different languages.

Haha found proof of having to learn to read in two different languages.

Done packing, right?

in love. (How i know roomie and i are meant to be)

Puppysitting 's precious baby all day.

Hanging out with the worlds cutest puppy, watching people move out on campus. Beautiful day!