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You have to be willing to get happy about nothing. I am the modern day Kami Burns #dale

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got me THE best watch from China, spent like 3 dollars and paid no shipping. She also got two on accident. #win

Girl's flag football championship game. #theyworkout

Chillin. () #coda

World's tiniest and cutest puppy. I cant get over this

's baby puppy Coda! So. CUTE.

The other kitten Temo gets it. #buticantseethegamenow

I almost forgot to post my pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

Last time I got a smiley face on a test was probably in 5th grade.

When my teeth rot and fall out of my head, i'll just tell my dentist it was test week and somethings can't be helped.

LL Bean wanted to personalize my catalog. Instead it just reminded me of the soul crushing bitterness ahead. #enjoyfall

Kitten loves watching the Big Bang Theory too.

Deep dish pizza! #somuchcheese

I figured since I am traveling from GA to IL I would make my own #findlauren bagtag. Spread the word!

Bath and Body works has become my newest obsession. Its starting to scare me, I need help. #eep

I made stamps. #saturdaynight

Mmm Statesboro High football with #fridaynightlights

Parents, this is the amount of food named crayons in a box of 120. Dont be mad when your child tries to sample eggplant

Oops. #foundinmycar

Prof clearly started losing interest in the subject as class went along...

I have a small herd of cats. A #catfamily if you will.