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You have to be willing to get happy about nothing. I am the modern day Kami Burns #dale

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FINALLY. Ready for spring break and coincidentally football season. #81 #geauxtigers

This is absurd.

you're right. This sleepy-eyed terror makes any large cat quake in fear.

Mom found these on sale and they write like a dream. Hello college notes!

Complain complain I know, but I want to show someone my miserably sad and not delicious buscuit. #needafork

Left the doors open because I burnt something and the cat from the other day snuck in (back left) #catladyproblems

Using my bookmark that sent me from Thailand in World Lit, except I think there's a typo..

Came home to this weird cat meeting. One of these cats isnt even mine. #toomanycats

Feliz Dia de los Reyes!

So damn close. Almost home.

It's about that time again..

I'm thinking that i'll wear this t-shirt everyday this week. #finals

It took 2 and a half hours of pacing up and down this hallway to memorize my government notes. #finals

Found: on my chemistry test.

'Several surveys have indicated that some Americans think Canada is one of the 50 states.' #woohooAmerica

There is an unidentified cat waiting patiently to come into my house. #thisisnotoneofmycats #catladyproblems

Friday night. #christmas

The fun thing about having scientists for parents is finding these cute beakers among the glasses. #usedtoholdKClO3

Looks like its pizza and wine night for the women of the Donahue household.

Happy Finals Week to Me! Had to replace some VHS tapes and finish out collections... #old