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Here's a picture preview of my post on my first match playing in Barcelona. I'm alongside CrouchScholes+Meireles

How to get noticed. Marketing 101 from the . #cantona #timessquare

Damn, if I want to start a family in Spain I can't name my kid 'devil'. It's actually illegal. #tragicstuff

My true Espanol/Catalan is only just entering day 4. Exponentially improving, doing my best impression.

Such a hard translation fail. January does not equal November. Ugh. Pathetic.

Unbelievable. Nowhere on the Barcelona did it say this sales period is for members only. Until now.

Pretty sure my GF found the cutest kid in Barcelona at la Cabalgata de los Reyes (parade for 3 kings) #sietedias

Was about to post this before heading to Pies this afternoon. Leon Best's alias is strong Stateside.

A footy fan in Mumbai won the right to carry around the Prem trophy for a day. What a scary day it must have been

Friend of mine stuck overnight as Heathrow due to snow. She got Space Odyssey 2001-esque sleeping bags at least!

Best of luck to TP Mazembe Englebert in the Club World Cup final after defeating Internactional 2-0. What a group

What current club's form would you associate with this? Try to think outside the box (i.e. Beyond Liverpool)

The Swan Boat Pond of Boston's Public Garden. On Ice.

Nelson Mandela, the 2010/2011 World Cup Promotion, Southern Africa, $750,000, 000,00. Oh junk mail, you know me.

What's Luton Town vs. Charlton going to be like you ask? Well, it's a match about as English as this.

AFR's Andy Jones at the Emirates tonight for the crucial match vs. Partizan. And how about those seats? Not bad..