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I want to be a reporter one day... I want to tell you all the news and events relevant to teddy bears and anipals.

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Here is Henry Tomato this afternoon, he is growing well and I keep a good eye on him so he has what he needs.

  • 2008 days ago via site
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I did fly over the Polar Circle. It didn't show very well...

  • 2009 days ago via site
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Look at the snow on the maountins in the background! I liked Tromsø and the midnight sun.

  • 2010 days ago via site
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I liked the hotel. They did seem to be focusing on dogs, but bears had a good time there too.

  • 2015 days ago via site
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Here is our tent. made it. He is very kind and clever. We love him very much.

  • 2026 days ago via site
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Here is tomato Henry! I helped wee Wilf up so he could show you how big it is. rose was a bit nervous about the climbing.

  • 2028 days ago via site
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  • 2038 days ago via site
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here is at the start of the chocolate party. We had a feeling you where with us!

  • 2039 days ago via site
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I am so happy to meet Rose and wee Wilf! I did tell them about Henry tomato and showed then it too.

  • 2042 days ago via site
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..I think the magic worked, because later we saw some spring flowers. I helped them a bit too with magic hat.

  • 2053 days ago via site
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I used magic hat to help the snow go away so the flowers can come out.

  • 2053 days ago via site
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We did go for a walk in the woods today. There is still some snow left, but I know what to do!

  • 2053 days ago via site
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I was afraid the ash cloud would delay our chocolate, but it cam in the mail today. Just in time for the weekend...

  • 2055 days ago via site
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here you can see som of my indoor gardening. It is too cold at night to have many plants on the outside now.

  • 2056 days ago via site
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Hello Henry, meet your tomato plant "Henry". I will keep looking after it really well.

  • 2056 days ago via site
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I did climb up here - with the help of the magic hat.

  • 2058 days ago via site
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When we had done some magic we had to rest. It was nice in the sun.

  • 2060 days ago via site
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Look! We are using our magic hats and help the flowers to grow.

  • 2060 days ago via site
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We are helping the seeds grow with magic!

  • 2065 days ago via site
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Look! We got magical hats from ! I feel so lucky!

  • 2065 days ago via site
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