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Cloud & Virtualization (Security) Dude. Director, Cloud & Virtualization Solutions @ Cisco (which has nothing to do with my word salad here)

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Landed in STL. Second Hoffachino today (in last 4 hours) ABORT!

...and said victim Norwegian icthyoacrobat:

More Norwegian fish tossing pix:

And what evening would not be complete without a Norwegian Bass/Perch fish tossing contest?

Beef - it's what for lunch! Fogo De Chao! In Sap Paulo

Sitting with and having a Hoffacino

We got 4 diff electronic kits from The Shack for . Olivia (6) is assembling the Space Battle FX:

Palo Alto - Krungthai on El Camino Real

Staff announced the pool was up to $12 that I can't finish the soup. Oh, puhlease! Pretty fly for a white guy

Because mm in height deltas causes temporal rifts in time/software-space continuum...

Brownie girl scouts visit the academy for some introduction to Jiu Jitsu madness!

Armbar - bringing the pain! ;)

Guilloutine choke is FTW!

This about sums up what the little squirrel thought who didn't have the iPad to play w/during my talk

Candlestick bowling with the jiu jitsu kids & after class

Here's gettin busy with Real Racing HD on my iPad while the kids do jiu jitsu

"Shall we play a game?"

First grill of the season.

I am the Terminal 1 Gourmet; Strange diet given the lack of kimchee...