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oh look, Harry wants to match William and Kate too! #adorable

this is just adorable. Prince and princess with matching rain boots, it can't get cuter!

Lolol read this in their voices and it's even funnier

Found a way to get to do yoga with me.

Reading replies to 's tweets.. Obama has some intelligent supporters. #lol #nope

This is funny to me. It's even funnier that he actually has some good pins.

Just saw this on pinterest and then saw Cole's tweet. Does this count as déjà vu?

He's got it all figured out.

This makes me lol. #taylorswift #carrieunderwood #mirandalambert

I need to buy all the clothes on my pinterest board. Starting with these. Who has $160 I can borrow?

Funniest thing I've seen all day. #avatar #spongebob #lol

lol. I wish I only had 6 emails like . #spam


I need to get back on twitter cause he's the only one I know would get this. #lol

Hey , isn't this your friend?!

okay, are you doin this one too? I saw it on there today!

This horse has better hair than I do. #iwantit