Laura S. Fisher


Fashion Artist seeking to empower herself and increase personal sustainability by growing a year 'round vegetable garden. In. The. Bathroom.

Photos and Videos by @BathroomFarmer

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*gasp* I found this today in ! Thanks so much. Don't mind if I do. :D

  • 247 days ago via site
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#EIEIO I'm getting my food preservation act together slowly and surely. I think I nailed it with the jam.

  • 252 days ago via site
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My canner & dehydrator are here! I want to U-pick squash tomorrow garden & test this stuff out!

  • 257 days ago via site
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#Indy! The U-Pick #tinyurbanfarm opens THIS WEEK at the Legacy Center and I'm getting ready!

  • 261 days ago via site
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#EIEIO I planted a secret guerrilla garden popcorn patch next to our carriage house while my landlord is away. :D

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Ready!... Are YOU? The USPS Food Drive is TODAY! Give generously. Help families in your community.

  • 298 days ago via site
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#EIEIO Oh-oh! Here come the tree leaves. I hope they don't vex my leafy green window garden.

  • 305 days ago via site
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#EIEIO My cucumbers are blooming!

  • 311 days ago via site
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#EIEIO After seed starting & transplanting & wedging old ladder "terraces" against the wall, here's my garden now.

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#EIEIO No. I don't need to take out the trash. I'm making new containers for my BathroomFarm from all this stuff!

  • 333 days ago via site
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#EIEIO Check it out! My cucumbers have figured out what their #upcycled mesh "punk rock trellis" is all about!

  • 336 days ago via site
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#EIEIO Look at my Itty Bitty Baby Beans growing in an #upcycled milk carton on the wall in my #BathroomFarm!

  • 356 days ago via site
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My leafy green plants are loving this wintry day in #Indy. My bathroom window vertical "cold frame" rocks!

  • 357 days ago via site
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#EIEIO The #supersowsunday chard and lettuce are already sprouting in my BathroomFarm window "cold frame"!

  • 389 days ago via site
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#EIEIO I transplanted my nightshades into yogurt cups to make room on the wall for #supersowsunday planting!

  • 397 days ago via site
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I'm making yummy U-Relish Coconut Honey Pudding to eat while watching on TONIGHT!

  • 405 days ago via site
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#EIEIO Look! Potatoes are starting to grow inside of the #upcycled stocking wall pocket in my #BathroomFarm!

  • 428 days ago via site
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#EIEIO After Just 1 week, I need to cut the side out of this minigreenhouse to give the beans more room!

  • 430 days ago via site
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#EIEIO Minigreenhouses were hung on the #BathroomFarm wall with care welcoming sun return on the #Solstice today!

  • 438 days ago via site
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Chicken sweaters??? Yep! Here are CockADoodleDuds Fab Fashions for Chilly Chickens ready for finishing touches! :D

  • 506 days ago via site
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