We are Madeline and Gus. We are basset hounds: the city is our couch. Find it! Get it! Eat it!

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2013 ah cannut b mayr b/c mah bowles r eatin meh but ah can B HEALTHEY an do sports ah starts w mounteneerin GUS

something is wrong and nobody tells me anything =m=

zausted #2


working on my tan =m=

mah hoomins has got meh a new chair thx u iz perfect GUS

we r back from GUS FAT CAMP am even moar zausted GUS

we r on iland 4 GUS FAT CAMP i haz 2 lose 5 pounds hav bin exercizin m zausted now GUS

all mah life i haz bin gettin redy 4 this GUS

I m on 's legs b/c her belly is 2 big 4 me 2 fit on her lap GET OUT HUMAN PUP I WANT MY LAP BACK =m=

moar advansd sleepn tekniks GUS

see madlin is bettar at ply an trick but she is not champeen sleepr lik GUS she does nut hav the jowls 4 it GUS

This is Carmine he is 's sisters cat has 2 wear claw boots cuz he won't stop scratching HA HA =m=

this is me last night - I made a nest on the couch, no GUS allowed =m=

we watchd movie calld 39 step wuz nut abt stairs dun undrstan here is pictur of meh an kristn watchn movie GUS

I m spending Valentines w - this is a picture of me an her belly

even tho iz mah birfday i still has 2 work hous dun gard itself GUS

Me and my friend =m=

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